Fine black truffle o tuber melanosporum vittadini

tartufo pregiato nero invernale truffleat 2

The fine black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini is also known as the truffle of Norcia, Spoleto or truffle de Perigord. The peridium is quite homogeneous, the surface is blackish brown with rust red shades, the gleba is clear with light and thin veins. The shape is rounded with warts or lobes. The scent is pleasantly intense, aromatic and fruity. It prefers hills and mountains with little vegetation. It lives in symbiosis with downy oaks, holm oaks, Turkey oaks, lime trees, hazelnuts, black hornbeams and cistus plants. After the white truffle, this species is the most prized. It is widespread in Italy, Spain and France.

Usually the harvest is between mid-November and mid-March, but the regional administrations every year determine the exact period.